We are a community where children can experience the excitement of God’s mission as he powerfully works to build his Church.

Our Worship Services

Our goal is to serve you and your family. If you have little ones with you, we offer nursery for children five years old and under. You are welcome to utilize this service, but kids of all ages are welcome in our worship service as well. We don’t mind extra noise!

The Life of our Church

As a new church that launched on Easter 2018, we don’t currently have “developed” youth programs that you might see in an older congregation. But Hope is still a great place for your children to grow in their walk with God. We believe that children of all ages are valuable members of the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12) and that one of the best ways for them to to grow is through worshiping and serving alongside people of all ages who model the Christian life in action. In this context, children can see the church as a family where they are known and valued as individuals created in the image of God.

Local Ministries

Beyond participation in the mission of the Hope Church, we also connect families to ministries in our area.  We have a close relationship with Faith Presbyterian Church in northern Wilmington, Delaware. They have graciously offered their Sunday evening youth group to the children of our church. Young people at Hope can experience the excitement of gospel ministry in a new church plant while also benefiting from a youth program in a more established congregation.