Bringing hope to the Garnet Valley, Chadds Ford, Concord Township, Bethel Township, and Glen Mills area

Hope Church is a community where you can explore what Christianity is about, where you can find hope in Christ, and where you can be equipped to share your hope in every sphere of life. We currently hold monthly preview services at the Darlington Arts Center as we build momentum towards the launch of regular worship on Easter 2018. 



The story of Hope Presbyterian Church really began 2000 years ago. After the events of his life, death, and resurrection, Christ gave his disciples what has been called the Great Commission (Matt. 28:16-20). Believers are commanded to go and tell everyone about the good news of Jesus Christ so that people can find hope in him.  No method has been more effective in accomplishing this Great Commission than church planting. For more on church planting, see this article.

Pastor Will and his wife Grace entered into Christ's ancient story of church planting in 2014.  A network of churches in our region approached Will and Grace about starting a new church in the Garnet Valley/Chadds Ford area. Through prayer and the wisdom of friends, family, and mentors, Will and Grace felt called by God to pursue this ministry. In 2015, the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) sent them out to plant Hope Presbyterian Church.

Like many things in life, church planting comes in seasons. Below you can see where we are in our story and where we’re going.


The Seasons 


Preparation season

(September 2015 through August 2016)


·      Primary Goal: To establish financial, prayer, and relational support while clarifying the church plant's vision, mission, and strategy

·      Primary People: The church planter, local churches, prayer supporters, and financial supporters

·      Primary Benchmarks:

  1. Identify a church planter
  2. Assess the church planter
  3. Call of the church planter
  4. Recruit 130 prayer supporters
  5. Form the church plant's vision, mission, core values, name, timeline, and strategy
  6. Hit initial fundraising goal
  7. Church planter moves into the community



Presence season

(September 2016 through December 2016)


·      Primary Goal: To network in the community, build relationships, listen, learn, and begin core group gatherings

·      Primary People: The church planter and the core group

·      Primary Benchmarks:

  1. Recruit core group members
  2. Begin core group gathers
  3. Network in community


Gathering season

(January 2017- September 2017)

·      Primary Goal: To establish a launch team and mobilize the core group to share their hope in the community through personal
evangelism, service, hospitality, and outreach events

·      Primary People: The church planter, the core group, and launch team

·      Primary Benchmarks:

  1. Expand core group
  2. Recruit launch team members from the core group
  3. Hold 4 outreach events
  4. Do 4 community service projects
  5. Rent a worship facility
  6. Hold 4 monthly preview services


Launch season

(August 2017 through April 2018)

·      Primary Goal: To launch public worship in the fall of 2017

·      Primary People: The church planter, the core group, launch team, and first-time visitors

·      Primary Benchmarks:

  1. Implement intensive outreach and advertising
  2. Begin community groups
  3. Begin Sunday School
  4. Begin new member class


Development season

·      Primary Goal: To become financially self-sustaining, raise up leadership, and develop ministries

·      Primary People: The church planter, those exploring Christianity, and followers of Christ being equipped to share their hope 

·      Primary Benchmarks:

  1. Expand church membership
  2. Multiply community groups
  3. Initiate new ministries
  4. Achieve financial independence
  5. Expand support of local, regional, and international mission work
  6. Foster discipleship relationships within the congregation
  7. Raise up elders and deacons from the congregation
  8. Begin saving for a permanent worship space
  9. Begin saving for a future church plant



Goal:  Plant a new church to plant other churches