Sunday Worship is the center of our life together.

Connect group is a great place to gather in the warmth and informality of a home for fellowship, Bible study, and prayer.

Our next season of Connect Group starts this September!



Vision for Connect Groups

Element 1: Purpose

Connect Groups are…

  • A place to share life with others.

  • A place to study the Bible with others.

  • A place to pray with others.

Element 2: Plan for Multiplication

We desire to see numerous Connect Groups at different homes and times throughout the week. Therefore, we will always push groups to look beyond their own comfort, so that they don’t become “Christian cliques.” Rather, we want to see groups on fire for the gospel as they look for opportunities to multiply and reach new people.

Element 3: Seasons

Connect Groups will meet in seasons with short breaks in between. These breaks give an opportunity to multiply groups while also welcoming new visitors. 

Element 4: A Host

This is an individual, couple, or family, willing to host a Connect Group at their home.

Element 5: Discussion Facilitator

The leadership at Hope will oversee people who guide the Connect Group discussions each season. Lord willing, groups will rotate discussion facilitators every season in order to give space for new people to test gifts in teaching.

Element 6: People

A Connect Group is a small group gathering of 5 to 15 members, regular attenders, visitors, and people exploring what Christianity is all about.

Element 7: Service Focus

During each season, Connect Groups are encouraged (but not required) to adopt their own “service focus.” For example, groups may decide to serve at a local nursing home or school. They could also devote time to volunteering at a local organization such as the Brandywine Youth Club or the Darlington Arts Center. 

Element 8: Long-term Vision for Elders and Deacons

Once Hope Presbyterian Church elects its own elders and deacons, Connect Groups will become an important vehicle for shepherding the flock. Each group will have a host, rotating discussion facilitators, an elder, and a deacon. The elder and deacon will help oversee the group while coordinating pastoral care/shepherding.