Starts Sunday, February 9th, 2020…..

Maybe you grew up in church but never understood what it’s all about. Maybe you’re a skeptic who has a lot of questions about Christianity. Maybe you don’t know anything about Christianity but you’re interested in learning more about Jesus. Maybe you’re a Christian but you’re looking for an opportunity reconnect to your faith. No matter who you are, Christianity Explored is an opportunity to explore what Christianity is all about. Who is Jesus? Why did he die? Did he really rise from the dead?

With a relaxed environment, we’ll begin each week with a dinner for participants and their children. You don’t need to know anything about the Bible; you can be religious or irreligious. Also, you won’t be asked to sing, pray, or read out loud. And you can ask any question you want!

WHEN: The following Sundays from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m

  • February 9: Good news

  • February 16: Identity

  • February 23: Sin

  • March 1: The cross

  • March 8: Resurrection

  • March 15: Grace

  • March 22: Come and die



  • The entire course is offered free as a gift to you and your family.

  • A meal and childcare are provided each week.


Helpful Questions:


What Is Christianity Explored?

Christianity Explored is a seven-week introduction to the Christian faith.  Each week there will be a brief talk followed by small-group conversation where you can ask questions or simply sit back and listen.  All viewpoints are welcome.  Christianity Explored is low-key, low-pressure, and very fun!


Who Is Christianity Explored For?

Christianity Explored is for anyone who wants to investigate Christianity informally with a group of other people.  Whether you have previous experience of Church, Christians, and the Bible, or none at all, this course is for you.  Everyone is welcome - from the most sympathetic church member to the most convinced atheist.  We will respect your background, culture, and beliefs.  Tell us as little or as much about yourself as you feel comfortable.


How Much Does It Cost?

Nothing.  It's completely free.  It's our gift to you, but please RSVP if possible.


Why Is Hope Church Doing This?

Christians count it a real privilege to explain the truth and relevance of the Christian message.  We don't have all the answers, but believe that we have exciting news to share about Jesus Christ.  Hope Presbyterian Church desires to be a worshiping community where people can explore the hope of Christianity in a relaxed, non-threatening setting.


What Goes On?

We start the evening with a meal, so you don't worry if you have to come straight from work.  The course is intended to be conversational, so everyone will be in a smaller group no matter how many people attend.  Each week, there will be a short talk by a speaker and time specifically devoted to discussion in your groups.  There will also be time every week specifically set aside for taking any questions you want to ask, on any topic whatsoever related to Christianity and the Bible.


How Long Does The Course Last?

The course runs for 7-weeks. 

What If It Isn't For Me?  Can I Back Out If I Want To?

Of course you can.  There is no obligation.


Do I Have To Bring Anything?

No.  All course materials are provided for you.


What About My Children?

We will provide childcare free of charge for children from 0 months through 5th grade.


Is It "Churchy"?

We hope not!  It's not a church service, and it’s not at a church.  There's no praying, singing, or clapping,  and you won't be asked to read aloud.


Am I Going To Get Preached At?

Each session includes a talk designed to explain an aspect of Christian belief and to stimulate discussion.  Hopefully, you'll find it helpful, but the goal is not to preach at you;  it's to stimulate a greater understanding of what Christians believe.  The group leaders will facilitate discussion and try to answer questions.


Will I Be Asked To do something “religious”?

No.  You are free to just sit back and listen.  We've established some general Ground Rules to make sure this entire course is non-threatening.

  1. Don't Be Nervous.  You'll never be asked to sing, pray, or read out loud.

  2. Respect Everyone.  Every person, every question, every objection will be treated with the utmost respect.

  3. Maintain Trust. Whatever comes up in the room stays in the room unless permission is given to share it.  


What Curriculum Is Being Used For This Course?

The course combines elements of the Christianity Explored and Life Explored courses produced by Christianity Explored Ministries.

Also, we use material from Faith Explored at Faith Presbyterian Church, Wilmington, DE.